Universal Call


Why We Are The Best

Universal-Call Customer Service Center is committed to provide you with the best possible quality customer service. Your complete satisfaction with calling card usage is our mission. We like your feedback - good or needs improvement; if you have any question(s), please contact us.

We don't put calls on hold; please leave message on our priority voice mail for customer service professional to get back to you in the queue which is received: include your name, valid phone # to reach you, reason for your call and login ID (if any).

  • Attractive REDIAL feature: Press '##' then press '0 #' to REDIAL the last number dialed.
  • 1-DIGIT Calls Home: store up to 90 destinations to dial by 1 or 2 digits! Login & setup now, its free.
  • PINLESS or EASY PIN #: Same low price, PIN free or e-mail us any 12 digit PIN# & we'll activate it.
  • RECHARGE 24/7 by phone: Call an access number & press * # for recharge prompt, have VISA/MC ready or recharge online.
  • NEVER EXPIRES: Relax, your account balance untouched unless used! No monthly/hidden fees.
  • NO MIDDLEMEN: We create, sell our own PIN or PINLESS accounts; Buy Direct No Middlemen.
  • VERIFY CHARGES: No more unexplained minute loss! Verify charges yourself, 24/7 online.
  • LOCAL ACCESS #: Many Local/Toll-Free Access #s in major cities in the USA.