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I forgot the login ID to my PINLESS accout; so I signed up for a new one; but the amount I just purchased did not add to my phone and it says I have few cents left (which is old balance) when trying to place a call. Where is my money?

Computer does not allow same phone number registered under two or more PINLESS accounts. Since you attempted to create another PINLESS account for same phone number, computer converted it into a new PIN account to avoid conflict with the old PINLESS account your phone number is already assigned to. Please call customer service to transfer fund from the new duplicate account to the old PINLESS account; you may also RECHARGE your account by phone (dial any Access Number and press * # when account balance is announced and follow the voice prompt) and ask for a full refund from the incorrect transaction for duplicate account.

Should I enter '1' in front of my own phone number while registering?

No. Entering '1' in front of your phone number will not work as PINLESS. You only enter '1' in front destination number while dialing any domestic/Canadian (or any other 1+) phone number.

How do I configure my softphone I just installed:

Depending on your device and type of softphone installed, configuration may differ from one to the other. In general, these are the basic information needed to configure softphones:

  1. Account Name/Title : Your Name
  2. Username/Extension/ID : Your 10 digit phone number with Universal-Call PINLESS Account; in most cases it is your home phone number.
  3. Password/Secret Key : Please contact us to provide your unique password.
  4. Server/Configuration : Please contact Customer Service, and provide us with a best number and time to reach you.

Is there any promotional/discount rate for calling to Bangladesh? Please let me know how to get the special rate.

To get the promotional economy rate, simply add 9 in front of Bangladesh country code; so, it will be 98801 or 01198801 instead of 8801 or 0118801. This will get you 2.9c/min to any Bangladesh mobile phones 24/7 (limited time offer, first come first serve, subject to availability). This promotion is for Bangladesh Mobile phones only, Land Line (T&T) phone numbers are not included in this special discount.

I set up 1-digit calls home/speed dial numbers for calling back to the US from London, by prepending the US number with "1", the US country code. (Gets confusing when that number is more commonly associated with US domestic long distance.)

'1' is actually the country code for USA/Canada (and few others) and we are required to use it for domestic as well.

What is the difference between SPEED DIAL entry and ALLOW PHONES TO CALL FROM entry

'SPEED DIAL' is to pre-program where to call to (the DESTINATION number ) ... input country code, city code and number; for US/Canada (or any 1plus destinations), put 1 plus the 10 digit number, without any hyphen, space or parenthesis and 'ALLOW PHONES TO CALL FROM' is to pre-program where to call from ( the ORIGINATION number) ... input country code, city code and number; for US/Canada (or any 1plus destinations), DO NOT put 1, simply 10digit area code plus number without any hyphen, space or parenthesis.

Can I use your service for domestic long-distance from my land-line as a dial-around number. Your rate is less than my current inter-state rate and less than half of my intra-state rate! Plus you don't charge any monthly fee.

Many uses our service as domestic long distance alternative; please note, we do not support FAX capability.

Can I place phone calls from overseas (UK, for example) using my PIN for the account or add my overseas phone number under 'ALLOW PHONES TO CALL FROM' to use it as PINLESS?

Absolutely, any PINLESS account works both ways:
a) as PIN (activation required), as long as you can reach any of our access numbers, while calling from a phone (which is not listed under "allow phones to call from").
b) as PINLESS, by adding your overseas phone number under "allow phones to call from"; be sure to include the complete phone number (country, city code & number). For country code 1 (such as Canada, Dominican Republic etc.), DO NOT put 1, simply 10digit area code without any hyphen, space or parenthesis.

On your website, you recommend using speed dial for international calls from cell phones to avoid pressing "send" and consequently using the cell-phone carrier's network instead of your service. Having '#' sign after the international number results in using your service and the warning is primarily for those who might be inclined to or inadvertently use the send key, am I right? Is there a hardware/software limitation which makes speed-dial necessary when calling international from a cell phone, i.e., the # doesn't have the same effect as with a land-line phone, is that correct?

Unless you are using another VoIP technology on your phone, there is no hardware or software limitation from our end dictating Speed Dial usage. It merely eliminate the need for entering long destination numbers. Also, inadvertent pressing of 'send' button after entering complete destination number may throw the call over your cellphone network, not Universal-Call; whereas speed dial entry usage eliminates your unwanted/mistaken 'send' entries over cell phone network, as single digit doesn't mean any destination number to them. '#' (pound, hash or number) sign to calling card industry is like a 'period' in English sentence... it tells the server that all digits in a destination number has been entered; so, it saves you about 2 to 3sec waiting time before it sends the destination number to place a call.

There'll allways be more to ask

There'll allways be more to know.