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Destination Code Mins ($5) Mins ($10) Rate
USA 1 347 694 0.0144
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The prepaid calling card comes with A PIN or without a PIN, that will be emailed to your instantly. No Physical products will be delivered.

Best Calling Card For PayPhones

Call from Payphones in Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Airports, or anywhere. Dial 800-961-1992, enter PIN and 1+area code+Number to call home. Must dial 1 before the area code & number to connect calls to USA/Canada.

Best Rate Calling Card, Rechargeable 24/7 by phone

Call from Payphone, public phone or any phone to make domestic/local calls in the USA,  Brazil, Germany, Italy, Mexico, UK, and more at 1c/min & up. Calling rates to Canada 2c+, India 2c, Mexico 1c+, Saudi 22c+, South Africa 19c+ UK 1c+, and more....  Click here for RATES to your destination.  

Features & News

Exclusive Features

  • Money Back Guarantee* if not satisfied.
  • Virtual Number- dial domestic, rings overseas!
  • 99-speed dial - call home by a digit.
  • Pinless or you send us the pin to activate.
  • REDIAL: press "# #" & "0 #" to redial.

Note for users

  • RECHARGE BY PHONE 24/7: Just dial any access number and PIN (not if pinless); after voice prompt press * # (star, pound) followed by option 2.
  • ATTENTION CELLPHONE USERS: DO NOT press send button again after entering destination no., as it sends a call over the cellphone carrier, not us. This may result in higher charges from your cell phone carrier, for which Universal-Call.Com, LLC will not be liable. To avoid this, the international calling feature may be DISABLED, and/or calls should be placed by using speed dial.