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Best Calling Card for PayPhones

Call from Payphones in Hospitals, Rehab Centers, Airports or anywhere
Dial 800-961-1992, enter PIN and 1+area code+Number to call home
Must dial 1 before the area code & number to connect calls to USA/Canada

Best Rate Calling Card, Rechargeable 24/7 by phone

1c/min & up to Brazil, Germany, Italy, Mexico, USA, UK and more...
Canada 2c+, India 2c, Mexico 1c+, Saudi 22c+, South Africa 19c+ UK 1c+ and more...
Email to helpdesk@universal-call.com for more info.

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Best Calling Card to Bangladesh: Only 3¢/min* all day!
Calls to Bangladesh- Dhaka, Chittagong, Sylhet, Khulna or Calls to any Bangladesh Mobile phone will get this rate.

*Must Dial 9 before country code 880 (example: 0119880 or 9880); otherwise regular rate applies.

Exclusive Features

  • Money Back Guarantee* if not satisfied.
  • International Call Forwarding - Don't miss a call
  • Virtual Number- dial domestic, rings overseas!
  • 99 speed dial - call home by a digit.
  • Pinless or you send us the pin to activate.
  • REDIAL: press "# #" & "0 #" to redial.
  • Call from any country using iPhone, Android or PC
  • AUTO REFILL or RECHARGE by phone 24/7.
  • NO EXPIRY: no hidden fees, pay only for talktime.

Latest News

  • Use calling card from any country using WiFi: Simply, download any SIP softphone (e.g.: 3CX.com in your computer or Media5 for iPhone or Media5 for Android or fring for Nokia) and call us for password.
  • RECHARGE BY PHONE 24/7: Just dial any access number and PIN (not if pinless); after voice prompt press * # (star, pound) followed by option 2.
  • ATTENTION CELLPHONE USERS: DO NOT press send button again after entering destination no., as it sends call over cellphone carrier, not us. This may result higher charges from your cell phone carrier, for which Universal-Call.Com, LLC will not be liable. To avoid, international calling feature may be DISABLED and/or calls should be placed by using speed dial.
Call Afghanistan from USA or Canada, Call Kabul, Afghanistan calling card Afghanistan 20¢ & up
Call Australia from USA, Canada or Europe, Australia calling card Australia 2¢ & up
Call Bangladesh from USA, Canada or Europe, call Dhaka, Bangladesh calling card Bangladesh 3¢ & up
Brazil Calling Cards, South America Calling Cards Brazil 1¢ & up
Call Cambodia from USA, Canada or Europe, call Kabul, Cambodia calling card Cambodia 7¢ & up
Guyana calling card, Cheapest Calling Card to Guyana Digicel Guyana 18¢ & up
India calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to India India 2¢ & up
Call Jordan from USA, Canada or Europe, call Kabul, Jordan calling card Jordan 20¢ & up
Laos calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to Laos Laos 8¢ & up
Mexico calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to Mexico Mexico 1.0¢ & up
Nepal calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to Nepal Nepal 22¢ & up
Pakistan calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to Pakistan Pakistan 6¢ & up
Russia calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to Russia Russia 6¢ & up
Saudi Arabia calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to Saudi Arabia Saudi Arabia 22¢ & up
Sierra Leone calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to Sierra Leone Sierra Leone 79¢ & up
UK calling cards, Cheapest calling cards to UK UK 1.0¢ & up

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(GTalk Calling Card, 1Pinless Calling Card, & IDT are their own registered trade names)






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Money back Guarantee*




1-digit dial

upto 99

not available

not available

upto 99

Minimum to buy

$3 minimum

$5 minimum

$5 minimum

$5 minimum

Long distance rate starting





Recharge without computer

Available 24/7 by phone

Not Available

Not Available


# of phones per PINLESS account


upto 10

Not available

upto 6

Hot Numbers/ Direct Dialing
(Call domestic, rings overseas!)

58 hot numbers and growing

Not Available

Not Available

40 available