1. Dial the access number:

(800) 961-1992 (costs 4.4cents/min extra) or select any other non-toll free Access Number available here with no extra cost

2. Enter your 12-digit PIN number:

ACCOUNT PIN: example - 123412341234 . This step is not needed if you have purchased a PINLESS account and calling from the phone that is entered in this calling card account and no one else has access to it.

3. Enter the destination number:

For domestic, dial:
1 + area code + 7 digit number
For international, dial:
Country code+ city code + number
You may also login and save your frequently dialed destination numbers under 1-digit speed dial, to place
any call by pressing that 1-digit when prompted for the destination number. To recharge by phone 24/7, simply press STAR (*) POUND (#), when asked for the destination and follow the voice prompt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are calling cards still available?

While traditional calling cards have become less common with the widespread use of mobile phones, there are digital alternatives available, such as virtual phone cards to dial around for long distance phone calls. These calling cards are commonly used to make intrastate or interstate domestic and international phone calls from Payphones, public phones at rehab centers, hospitals, airports, home phone, even from mobile phones.


How do I purchase a calling card?

To purchase a calling card, you can explore online platforms (such as, local convenience stores, or telecommunications providers; allows you to buy virtual calling cards that delivers the PIN and dialing instructions instantly, while physical cards are available at stores. Choose a card that suits your needs in terms of international or domestic calls, and consider factors like rates and validity.


Can you use a prepaid phone card on any phone?

Prepaid phone cards are generally designed to work with a variety of phones. Whether you have a landline, mobile phone, payphone or public phones at a rehab center or hospitals, you should be able to use a prepaid phone card as long as the service provider supports it. Just follow the instructions on the card or provided by the service to make your calls.


Where to buy calling cards for payphones?

You can typically find calling cards for payphones at convenience stores, gas stations, or other retailers that sell telecommunications products. Additionally, some online platforms and websites such as www.universal-com, specializing in prepaid phone cards offer options suitable for payphones. Look for cards that explicitly mention compatibility with payphones, and follow any specific instructions provided for their use in payphone systems.


What is a payphone calling card?

A payphone calling card is a prepaid card that allows you to make calls from a payphone. These cards usually have a certain amount of calling credit, and you can use them by dialing a specific access number and entering the card's PIN followed by the desired destination number. Payphone calling cards are convenient for those who don't have a mobile phone or need an alternative for making calls while on the go. They are often available for purchase at convenience stores, gas stations, or online platforms such as


How to use payphone calling card?

To use a payphone calling card, follow these steps:

1. Dial the toll-free access number provided on the calling card.

2. Enter the card's PIN number when prompted.

3. Follow the instructions to dial the destination number (including the country code if it's an international call).

4. The calling card will deduct the corresponding amount from your prepaid balance.

Keep in mind that specific instructions may vary depending on the calling card provider, so refer to any accompanying documentation for details.


Payphone calling cards near me

You can find payphone calling cards at convenience stores, gas stations, or electronics stores. Additionally, online retailers (such as and telecom providers often offer virtual calling cards. If you're specifically looking for physical cards nearby, consider checking with local stores or contacting telecom service providers in your area.


Will PayPhone Calling Card work from Pay Phones at Rehab Centers, Hospitals, Land Lines, or Cell Phones?
Yes, it will, unless the PayPhone usage is restricted, like in some incarceration facilities. It comes with 12 digit Calling Card PIN that you enter after dialing the access number 800-961-1992, then enter the destination number in 1+ area code+number format; for Alaska residents, dial: (866) 978-0731, followed by the 12-digit Calling Card PIN then your destination number when prompted.

I'm calling a domestic number and the call doesn't go through. What do I do?
You MUST dial a 1 (ONE) before the area code and destination number even though it is a local number for calls to go through.

I need to add money to my Calling Card, but I forgot my login ID & password, what do I do?
The easiest way to add money is in 3 steps:
Step 1: Dial 800-961-1992, for Alaska residents: (866) 978-0731
Step 2: enter your 12-digit calling card number 
Step 3: Press STAR (*) POUND (#) to add money and follow the voice prompt. 
You can also click FORGOT PASSWORD in the login box, enter the email address on file to reset and a new password be emailed to you.
Can I use your service for domestic long-distance from my landline as a dial-around number? Your rate is less than my current interstate and intra-state rates.
Yes, you can; many callers use our service as a domestic long-distance alternative; please note, we do not support FAX capability.